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What are the NRTL certifications in North America?

In North America, when a manufacturer legally sells a product for civil or industrial use in the market, it must be strictly tested in accordance with national standards. Only if it passes the relevant tests of the Nationally Recognized Laboratory (NRTL), the product can be legally marketed. Sale.

The official website of OSHA in the United States lists all NRTLs. http://www.osha.gov/dts/otpca/nrtl/index.html. According to the authorized laboratory agencies listed in each NRTL, ETL, cTUVus, MET certification marks and The UL certification mark in the United States has the same effect. Because UL certification is not a mandatory certification, it is only a certification of one of the NRTL organizations. The letters on both sides of the certification LOGO, C stands for Canada, and US stands for the United States. At the same time, there are representatives approved by the United States and Canada.

North American NRTL certification body and safety logo

NRTL-UL Laboratory

NRTL-TUV Süd Laboratory

NRTL-ETL Laboratory

NRTL-TUV Rheinland Laboratory

NRTL-MET Laboratory

NRTL-CSA Laboratory

The North American cTUVus certification is not difficult to see from the logo. This is the certification of TUV SÜD for North America (United States and Canada). The certification body of TUV SÜD is believed to be familiar with most factories doing export business, because many foreign customers want Designated certification projects such as CE, GS, CB, PSE, etc. are applied in South Germany, so South German institutions have a wide range of popularity and influence!

So what is the qualification of cTUVus? In fact, this is the same as the North American safety certification that is often done in China such as UL/ETL/CSA. cTUVus is also one of the certifications recognized in North America. TUV Süd North America is also an NRTL laboratory authorized by OSHA. It has been approved by SCC of the Canadian Bureau of Standards, so the product has obtained cTUVus certification, and there is no problem in selling it to the United States and Canada. At present, more and more domestic customers have begun to contact, understand and apply for the certification. Product standards are related to applying for UL, ETL, CSA and other certifications are the same, the United States adopts the UL standard, and Canada adopts the CSA standard.

cTUVus is the North American certification mark of TUV Süd, Germany. As long as it has been recognized by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as a testing and certification body of NRTL (National Recognized Testing Laboratory), it can be used to enter the US and Canadian markets. Product testing and certification services, TUV Rheinland North America has the same qualifications as other NRTL agencies (such as UL, CSA), so it can help products successfully enter the US and Canadian markets. That is, all NRTL marks (cTUVus, UL, CSA) are are equivalent.

In fact, the UL laboratory is only issuing NRTL certification earlier, so everyone thinks that the UL certification issued by UL is the US certification, just like the GS and CB issued by TUV, we think that TUV stands for GS and CB, but the ETL certification appears later. Only slowly did I realize that the US certification is not UL certification, the same other agencies can also issue GS, CB We also understand that TUV is just a certification agency.