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Is it okay to charge the phone at night until dawn?

Let's talk about the conclusion first; yes, but it is recommended not to put the bed to charge.
Most smartphones on the market today are charged in two stages, see the diagram below:

The first stage is between 0% and 80% of the power, and fast charging will be used, and the power of the current is inversely proportional to the increase in power. When the power is low at the beginning, the power will be larger, and it will change as the power and temperature increase. The charging speed of the whole process is relatively fast, and at the same time, the heat is relatively severe. The mobile phone will continue to be hot and damage the battery. The response method to this hazard is the second stage.

The second stage is 80%~100%. The charging speed in this stage will be reduced. The trickle charging is used. When the mobile phone heats up to a certain extent, it is charged with a small current to let the mobile phone cool down.

Today's mobile phones are very smart and have a complete and safe power supply and battery management mechanism. After a full charge, the power IC will automatically disconnect the battery from the charger, and the charger only supplies power to the phone in standby.

So there's no need to worry about whether your phone can be charged overnight affecting battery life.

Conversely, it is recommended not to play games with a large amount of running memory while charging. Phones tend to heat up under high load. When charging at night, do not put it by the bedside or even under the quilt to avoid unexpected reactions.

Finally, it is recommended to use chargers that have passed national certification standards.