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Can the power adapter be checked in?

For people who do not often choose an airplane as a travel tool, there are often such questions: Can the power adapter be checked in? Can the power adapter be brought on the plane? Can the laptop power adapter be checked in the plane?

The power adapter can be checked, because there are no dangerous components such as batteries in the power adapter. It is composed of shells, transformers, inductors, capacitors, resistors, control ICs, PCB boards and other components. As long as the power adapter is not connected to the AC power supply, there is no Power output, so there is no risk of burning and fire during the shipping process, and there is no safety hazard. The power adapter is different from the battery. The power adapter is only a power circuit inside, and does not store electrical energy in the form of chemical energy like a battery. Therefore, the transportation process There is no danger of fire, so you can check it in your luggage or take it with you.
There is no problem with the power adapter passing the security inspection, but it is recommended that the following items are not recommended for consignment
1. Valuables
Many people think that it is safer to put jewelry and some valuables in checked luggage than carry-on luggage, but the question is, if the luggage is lost, will it not be a big loss? And some thieves are looking at this to steal luggage.
2. Electronic items
Laptops, MP3s, iPads, cameras, etc. should not be put in checked luggage, because these items are very fragile and may be broken during the check-in process.
3. Food
Of course, sealed food is ok, but if some soup is not wrapped properly, it will cause a disaster in your luggage compartment if it leaks out.
4. Flammable items
All flammable items, such as matches, lighters, or explosive powders, liquids should not be brought into the machine.
5. Chemicals
Bleach, chlorine, tear gas, etc. should not be put in checked luggage.