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Can the phone charger stay plugged in without unplugging it?

With the development of the times, people rely more and more on electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablet lights.

Many friends may often plug the power supply into the socket for convenience, charge it directly when using it, and do not unplug it even when it is not in use. In fact, this is a potential safety hazard. It is recommended that you unplug the charger in time after charging. Let me tell you about the safety hazard that the mobile phone charger has been plugged into the socket without unplugging it;

1. It will consume extra power;

The charger is a small transformer that can convert a high voltage of 220v into a low voltage of 5V, and then charge it into our mobile phone. After the mobile phone is fully charged, the charger remains on the socket and does not unplug it. Although there is no charger for the mobile phone, the circuit board inside the charger will still be in working state. The mobile phone charger uses a switching power supply scheme. It automatically adjusts the output current, but it still consumes a tiny amount of current.

2. Short circuit risk;

The charger is composed of electronic components. For some chargers with insufficient protection functions or substandard quality, when charging the mobile phone, the mobile phone will overheat, and the charger itself will also become hot. (It is strongly recommended that you do not buy a three-no charger without national certification (electronic product certification system) because of the cheap price.) If the charger is plugged into the socket for a long time, the performance of the original will deteriorate and age, which may easily lead to heat generation and even short circuit.